Abandoned Property

Students must remove all personal belongings from their assigned room and associated common areas within 24 hours of:

  • receiving notice of a change in room assignment due to relocation to another residential space;
  • leaving the University before the end of their contract period;
  • completing their last final exam at the end of the spring semester (or fall semester if not returning to Limestone housing for the spring semester). 

The Residence Life and Housing Office will communicate specific moving instructions and timelines in writing via Limestone University email. All items remaining in student rooms and associated common areas at the end of their contract period or when the student leaves an assigned space will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of or donated to local charitable organizations by the University.

Personal belongings should not be stored in common areas, including lounges, laundry rooms, and community bathrooms. Any personal belongings left in common area spaces longer than 24 hours will be considered abandoned property.

The University assumes no liability for the loss or damage of students’ personal property if the property has been abandoned.

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