On-Campus Dining

Limestone University on-campus dining is managed by Sodexo. Students living in University residence halls have a 19 meal-per-week plan; students in University-owned Apartments or Houses must purchase either a 12 or 19 meal-per-week plan. 

The meal plan begins the day the residence halls open. The board plan is not in effect during official University vacation periods. The student ID card (LCard) must be presented before each meal. Presentation of the LCard is necessary because it serves two purposes: 1) it provides statistical information necessary for dining services to determine future needs; 2) it prevents unauthorized use of your meal plan if your LCard is lost or stolen. Anyone not on a meal plan can pay for daily meals with the LCard, credit card, or cash in the Stephenson Dining Hall, Dobson Center, and Hines & Riggins Center. Meal plans may be purchased by commuter/off-campus students, faculty, and staff through the Business Office.

The food service manager is in charge of all dining functions and is the facility coordinator for the Stephenson Dining Hall. As such, the manager is authorized to make decisions concerning the use of cafeteria equipment, crowd control, serving procedures, meal selections, etc. The management is always open to suggestions from students and others for improvements in the service. Students are encouraged and invited to discuss any matter relating to the dining services with the Director of Food Services or the Director of Community Values.

Students and other campus groups may desire to use Stephenson Banquet Room for meetings, dinners, and other events. The use of this facility should be scheduled through the Dining Office (864.488.8347). Likewise, meals and reception orders for other spaces on campus will need to be scheduled through the Dining Office after booking the room or space.

During the course of the year, the dining room features special dining events, exam treats, and other surprise events. In addition, the Director of Food Services is available to cater special events and parties, and for making birthday cakes, etc. If a physician prescribes a special diet for a student, the Director of Food Services will cooperate with the student’s needs. Under special circumstances (medical conditions), students may obtain a carryout tray. Students can be of assistance in the orderly operation of the University dining hall by observing the following:

  • Do not take food, beverages, dinnerware, or eating utensils from the dining room to any other building or campus area.
  • Exercise care when returning dishes and other items to the service area to prevent breakage and, in turn, help insure lower student costs.
  • Practice orderly conduct. Since the dining room serves as an area for socializing and relaxing during mealtime, students must cooperate with the dining hall staff in maintaining the proper atmosphere. 
  • Do not bring beverage containers into the dining hall.
  • The only items that are to be taken from the Dining Hall are “to go” meals in Sodexo approved containers.

The discipline of students in the cafeteria is under the authority of the Director of Food Services. Conduct problems will be referred to the Community Values Office. 

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