Cancellation After Occupancy

The housing contract terminates at the end of the spring semester or upon withdrawal from the University. The student shall be granted release from the housing contract within the sole discretion of the University during the academic year if: (a) student graduates from the University, (b) student withdraws from the University, or (c) student receives academic suspension.

A student officially released from the housing contract in writing for one of the reasons above will be refunded based on the Business Office’s Refund Policy. A student desiring to be released from the housing contract after the academic year has begun for any reason other than those above must initiate an appeal to the Residence Life and Housing Office. Any student who leaves the residence halls during the contract period without official, written release from the Director of Residence Life and Housing will be billed for the charges during the contract period.  

If a student exhibits inappropriate behavior according to University standards or constitutes a detriment to orderly community living, the Director of Community Values or designee may within their sole discretion change the room assignment or cancel this agreement immediately without refund. Residential students who fail to abide by the Residential Policies and Housing Contract may be referred to the Community Values Office for potential violations of the Residential Policies or Student Code of Conduct. If found responsible for violations, the student may be issued applicable sanctions, including a possible housing reassignment or termination of residency. In addition, a student suspended or expelled from the University for disciplinary reasons or whose housing contract is canceled may forfeit the semester’s room and board charges.

Any student registering or dropping below full-time status must request approval to remain in the residence halls from the Office of Residence Life and Housing and may be subject to housing contract cancellation and removal from campus housing. 

Any student who withdraws from the University must cease using the University’s dining facilities and vacate the assigned campus housing within 24 hours or be held liable for room and board charges beyond the last date of attendance and be subject to removal.

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