When moving in or changing rooms, a student must have a Housing Contract, Missing Student Notification Form, and Room Condition Form on file.


When moving out of a residence hall or changing rooms, a student has two options for checking out:

  • The first option is to make an appointment with the Resident Assistant at least 24 hours in advance to document check out. The student will walk through the housing assignment with the Resident Assistant. The Resident Assistant will complete the Room Condition Form to note any damages and refer to the professional staff member for charges. The student will have the right to appeal any damage charges to the professional staff member assigned to the building. Details on the appeal process will be provided at the end of each semester.  
  • The second option is to use the express checkout system. An express checkout envelope is available from the Residence Life and Housing Office for those who are unable to schedule a checkout appointment due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. travel conflicts, extended athletic obligations, etc.). By using this method, students do not walk through the Room Condition Form with the Resident Assistant. Instead, a residence life staff member will complete a damage assessment after the student vacates the assignment. Students who complete an express checkout waive their right to appeal any damage charges. 

Students who fail to complete one of the two options for checking out will receive an Improper Checkout Fine of $50.  Students will be required to return their keys to the Residence Life Office before they leave campus. A charge will be levied for lost or stolen keys. Lock changes are $150. In addition, all personal belongings and trash must be removed from the room and the room cleaned before departure. 


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