Damages and Repairs

Routine “wear and tear” to residence hall facilities is expected, and these associated costs are anticipated and built into operating budgets. However, damage due to vandalism is not a part of the standard budget equation. The University utilizes a direct billing system to recover damages created by student vandalism.

Our goal is to prevent damage, not bill for it. A community damage billing system is employed when there are excessive levels of unaccountable common area damages due to vandalism or theft. Deliberate or malicious damage and theft are violations of University and residence hall policy. Damages to common areas are the responsibility of each resident in the community. Each floor is responsible for their hallways, bathrooms and lounges/kitchens. When damages occur in the common areas of the building, residence hall staff members and Campus Safety make every effort to find the person(s) responsible. Whenever the responsible student(s) can be ascertained, disciplinary procedures are implemented. If found responsible, restitution will be charged to the student(s). These charges reflect the time, materials, and administrative expense required to correct unusual cleaning or damage situations. There will be a $5.00 minimum charge for any damage fees billed to student accounts. Also, all other damage fees are rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.

As a general rule, halls or floors that share a common area will be jointly responsible for that space. All residents of the hall will be responsible for the stairwells, public rest rooms, and basement areas of the hall. Damage to these common areas will be prorated among all occupants unless individual responsibility can be determined. The Resident Director(s), Director of Residence Life & Housing, or the Director of Community Values will determine which communities to assess for damages. Students are encouraged to accept responsibility and learn from previous situations.

If a student damages something in a public area, they are duty bound to accept responsibility and report these actions. Damages to public areas often go unreported. Failure to take responsibility and allowing members of the hall to pay for damage is tantamount to theft. Students should feel comfortable about confronting fellow residents and others who do not respect University property. Individuals who feel uncomfortable confronting others should report damages to a staff member or the Residence Life and Housing Office. Games played in the hallway (football, basketball, lacrosse, golf, etc.) cause a great deal of damage. Although these games may not seem destructive, they are dangerous and costly to other students and to the University. For these reasons, this behavior is prohibited indoors. Damage resulting from games played indoors will be treated as vandalism.

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