Disciplinary Action

  1. Written Warning: An official statement to the student advising them that a violation has occurred and that continuation of such conduct may result in further disciplinary action

  2. Loss Of Privileges: Denial of certain privileges such as on campus parking, participation in campus organizations, attendance at campus events, visitation privileges, or use of campus facilities

  3. Fines: A monetary sum paid to the Community Values Office

  4. Community Service Hours: The assignment of labor or task in lieu of fines

  5. Restitution: A prescribed action to reimburse by transfer of property or service

  6. Attendance at Meetings or Seminars: Mandatory attendance at workshops or events of an educational nature at the expense of the student

  7. Probation: This condition encumbers the student’s good standing in the University for a stated period of time and may result in the student being unable to participate in athletics, to hold an office, or to be a representative of the University.

  8. Hold on Grades or Registration For Classes: The student may not receive class grades or register for classes until there has been compliance with other sanctions or conditions.

  9. Suspension From the Residence Halls: The student will be removed from University housing and banned from visiting the residence halls, but may continue taking classes.

  10. Suspension From The University: The student will be forced to withdraw from the University and vacate the campus for a determined period of time. The student has the right to petition for readmission at the conclusion of the defined period of time.

  11. Expulsion: The student is dismissed from the University for an unspecified period of time.

  12. Administrative Withdrawal: A student may be withdrawn from the University by the President or Provost when that student exhibits behavior that may be disruptive to the educational process of the University or is a danger to self, others, or property.

  13. Notification of Parents (if dependent student): Limestone University reserves the right to notify parents or legal guardians of a student’s behavior or of any situation of which the University feels the parents should be informed.

  14. Notification of Athletic Department: Limestone University reserves the right to notify the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletes of a student’s behavior of any situation that Director of Community Values feels the VP should be made aware.

  15. Other actions that are appropriate and approved by the Director of Community Values, Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students, or President.

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