Fire Safety

Any substances which have the potential to cause fire or explosions are not permitted on campus. Open flames such as candles and incenses are not permitted on campus. Appliances such as  George Foreman grills and toasters not permitted on campus.

Tampering with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and other safety equipment is a violation of local and state ordinances.

When you first move into the building, familiarize yourself with the location of the fire alarm pull stations, stairways and exits. You should plan for a primary and an alternate means of emergency. Students are expected to evacuate the buildings promptly and quietly when a practice drill is held. When the fire alarm sounds, all students should move quickly and quietly to the closest exit. Students should proceed out the exit in an orderly fashion to the exterior assembly area and wait for further instructions. Students who are away from their room when the alarm sounds should proceed to the nearest exit without returning to their rooms. The alarm signal is the same for a drill as an actual emergency. Malfunctioning fire equipment should be reported to the residence hall staff member immediately. Failure to evacuate a building will result in disciplinary action.

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