Flammables and Weapons

Incense, fireworks, firearms, air guns, knives, ammunition or shell-casings, flammables, explosives and weapons or facsimile thereof are prohibited. The term “weapon” means any device, instrument, or substance that is designed to, or reasonably could be expected to, inflict a wound, incapacitate, or cause serious bodily injury or death, including, but not limited to, firearms (loaded and unloaded, real and replica and/or toy), ammunition, electronic control devices (such as Tasers and stun guns), devices designed to discharge an object (such as bb guns, air guns, pellet guns, potato guns, and slingshots), explosives, dangerous chemicals (such as tear gas), martial arts weapons, bows and arrows, artificial knuckles, nightsticks, blackjacks, daggers, swords, and knives (pocket or fixed blade) with a blade longer than three (3) inches.

Due to concerns for fire safety and personal safety, having or using any items that might be classified under these headings are not permitted on campus. Candles and incense are particularly dangerous as they are easily tipped over or forgotten when residents leave the room. These items will be confiscated.

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