Identification Card (LCARD)

Students are issued an LCard upon arrival. These cards are validated through the Student Success Division and activated in the Campus Safety Office.

Every student must carry their student identification card (LCard) while on campus and show it to Campus Safety and other University personnel when requested. The LCard also serves as a meal card, library card, and entrance card into a student's assigned Residence Hall. In addition, students can use their ID card for purchases made with LCASH. This pre-paid spending account offers a safe and convenient way to make cashless purchases around campus, including the Business Office, Spirit Store, and foodservice vendors on-campus. Replacement cards may be purchased for $25 in the Dobson Student Center, 2nd floor.

Identification cards are not transferable. Misuse of the LCard by its holder, or attempted use by another person, will result in disciplinary action for the holder and the user(s).

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