Missing Student

Pursuant to the provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, Section 488, Limestone University will initiate its missing person notification procedures if a student has been determined by Campus Safety or the Residence Life & Housing  Office to be missing for 24 hours or longer. Anyone who believes a student to be missing should report the concerns to Campus Safety at 864.488.8344 or the Student Success Division at 864.488.8373. Every report made to the campus will be followed up with an immediate investigation once a student has been missing for 24 hours. Upon notification of a missing student, Campus Safety will conduct a thorough investigation and obtain all necessary information. Depending on the circumstances presented to University officials, the family of the missing student will be notified. If familial notification is necessary, the Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students, or appointed designee, will place the call. At the beginning of each academic year, students living in campus housing will be asked to provide emergency contact information to be utilized if they are reported missing while enrolled at Limestone University. 

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