Residence Requirements

Students must be enrolled full-time in Limestone University Day Program to live in the residence halls. Full- time day students may live with immediate/blended family (parent/guardian, step-parent, brother or sister over the age of 21, grandparents, or step-grandparents) within a 50-mile radius of the Limestone University campus.

Full-time day students who are not living with immediate family may live off campus if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • over the age of 21 or will reach age 21 during the academic semester (Fall – Dec. 31st; Spring – June 30th) in which they request to move off campus;

  • have earned 90 or more semester credit hours.

Any student wishing to change their status from residential to commuting must complete a Change of Status form to gain approval for the following semester. The student must provide a copy of the driver’s license of the parent/guardian, stepparent, brother or sister; i.e. immediate/blended family, over the age of 21, grandparents, or step-grandparents and this person must sign an affidavit indicating their living at the address of record. If a student meets the requirements to change their residency, the recommendation of the Director of Residence Life and Housing must be obtained and only the Provost may give final approval. The University reserves the right to verify the legal residency of immediate family through driver’s license, vehicle registration, and/or voter registration records.

Students who are under academic suspension may not attend classes at Limestone University and may not live in the University residence halls. Students who reduce their academic load to less than full-time (12 semester credits) are subject to termination of their housing contract. One exception applies to seniors who are in their final semester and who require less than a full course load to complete their degree program: they may be registered for fewer than 12 semester credits and continue to live in a University residence hall.

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