Room Entry / Search and Seizure

Authorized University personnel may enter a student’s housing assignment for routine inspection, maintenance, and emergency purposes. The University shall make every effort to provide privacy to the occupants of campus housing. It is anticipated that entry into personal campus housing areas will not be necessary except for routine inspection, housekeeping, and maintenance. Privacy depends on the cooperation and willingness of each occupant to respect the rights of others and the rights of the University.

Members of the University staff, including the Residence Life and Housing staff, maintain the right to enter a student’s room if it is feared there is imminent danger to life, safety, health or property, or other necessity in the sole discretion of the University. Such staff members are also authorized to enter the room and conduct a search if it is reasonably believed that a violation of University regulations or policies or local, state, or federal laws, is occurring. In addition, the University reserves the right to such other and further rules, regulations, or policies as, in its judgment, may be necessary for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the premises and the preservation of good order therein.  

Any prohibited items found during room inspections or searches will be disposed of or impounded by University staff members. In addition, any property may be confiscated by University staff members if it is prohibited under the Residence Life and Housing Policies, Housing Contract, or the Student Code of Conduct, or illegal under local ordinances, state law, or federal law. Impounded items, except pets, will be disposed of or delivered to Campus Safety immediately upon completion of the search or inspection.

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