Room Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the rooms to which they are assigned, and all furniture in the room must remain there throughout the semester. At the beginning of each semester, the RA and students inspect the rooms together and note on the room condition form (RCF) any and all damage or missing equipment. Students sign the RCF verifying that any existing damage or missing equipment has been recorded. At the end of each semester, the RAs and students inspect the room noting any new damage. The students sign the RCF, verifying awareness that new damages may be billed to their accounts. Students must report damages as they occur, whether by accident, normal use, or other means. Residents must remove all personal belongings before checking out of rooms. The University is not responsible for personal property that is left in rooms.

  • Students may rearrange the furniture within their rooms. Students who willfully or excessively damage University property will become liable for disciplinary action and will be responsible for repair/replacement costs. Any personal furniture in rooms must be removed prior to closing for summer vacation. Furniture may not be stored in University storage rooms or hallways
  • Room care and cleaning are the responsibility of each student. Rooms should be in an orderly condition at all times.

Students are responsible for their rooms and what takes place in them. They may be held responsible for permitting unauthorized items to be used or kept in their rooms.

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