Search and Seizure

Authorized University personnel/staff members may enter a student’s room for normal inspection, maintenance, and emergency purposes. The student’s personal property is not subject to search by Authorized University Personnel without the expressed approval of the student, except when a reasonable belief exists that there is a violation of public law, University regulations or standards, or the possibility of imminent hazard to the persons or property at which time the right to search may be exercised by authorized University personnel.

Authorized University Personnel- i.e., the RAs, RDs, Director of Residence Life & Housing, Associate Provost, Provost, or Campus Safety have the right of access to students’ rooms in the performance of their duties. Staff members who need to enter a room during the performance of their duties will knock and identify themselves. If there is no response, or if the door is not opened immediately, a second knock, announcing of staff name and purpose for entering room with a passkey will be used and the room will be entered. Contraband items (those prohibited by law or University policy) in clear view may be confiscated by a staff member and used as evidence in a disciplinary proceeding. Such items may be returned at the end of the semester if their possession is not a violation of the law. If the staff members who enter the room believe that contraband items are concealed from view, they shall follow regular search and seizure procedures. Students with authorized residence in the room are encouraged to remain in the room during the search procedure. The staff making the search will provide a detailed list of items confiscated for the occupants of the room. When maintenance enters a student’s room, they will leave a visible response card indicating the nature of the work done.

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