Self-Injury, Threat or Indication of Suicide Attempt

The University policy is designed to help students and their families through a difficult time by ensuring the student’s safety and assisting the student. The policy is not intended to punish or cause further distress to an already troubled student. The policy is intended to provide structure for responding to behavior that is of concern to students and staff. The University must consider not only the well-being of the individual student, but also the well-being of the entire campus community.

Parents and family will be notified in the case of attempted suicide, threat of suicide, or act of self- injury. On-going involvement of parents and family is required in all cases in which the student is allowed to remain enrolled in the University. The specific form of this involvement will be determined through discussion with the student, the student’s parents and family, the director of the counseling center and Provost or designee.

The University, upon the advice of its professional staff, may require a student to withdraw temporarily from the University for medical or psychological reasons. For this reason, the University reserves the right to require further evaluation of a student through appropriate professionals, to establish conditions under which a student may continue at the University, and to recommend voluntary or involuntary withdrawal of the student from the University. In these cases, the student will be encouraged to seek professional care. Such action is not taken for punitive reasons, but because the welfare of the individual and the community mandates these procedures.

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