Student Organization Chartering Process

Chartering Process: Need to know Contact Information 

This policy mentions the following staff positions: Director of Community Values and Director of Student Activities; below is the contact information for these positions.  

Daniel Francis  
Director of Community Values & SGA Advisor | 864-488-4543  
Dobson Center, 2nd Floor, Room 201 

McKenzie Hite  
Director of Student Activities & Summer Conferences | 864-488-4374 
Dobson Center, 2nd Floor, Room 202

Chartering Process: Qualifications  

Who can be considered a Student Organization? Here at Limestone, we have five distinct categories under Student Involvement. Academic Honor Societies, Academic Organizations, Performance Organizations, Faith-Based Community Organizations, and Student Organizations.  

Student Organizations are a group of Limestone students with a common interest and are formally recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA), Director of Student Activities, and Limestone University. Think of Student Organizations as created by students, for students, and managed by students.  

Our other four involvement groups (Academic Honor Societies, Academic Organizations, Performance Organizations, and Faith-Based Community Organizations) are not officially recognized by SGA and Student Activities for purposes of receiving funding from the institution. However, these organizations are excellent, and we encourage you to look into these organizations and get involved! In addition to the four involvement groups listed above, some of the involvement groups cannot gain SGA approval due to the organizations being tied to academic course credit or the organization needs to maintain exclusivity in their membership (i.e., you need to audition to be a part of the group or you need to be a particular major/have a certain GPA). While SGA and Student Activities fully support these organizations, in accordance with official SGA By-Laws, these organizations cannot be classified as Student Organizations.  

If you’re unsure what category of Student Involvement you would fit under, please get in touch with the Director of Community Values or the Director of Student Activities.  


Chartering Process: How To  

Step 1: What is Limestone Missing? 

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with what we have to offer, ask yourself if there is something you wish Limestone had. If so, why not be the one who creates something to fill the void?  

Step 2: Find your people! 

SGA requires that any potential Student Organizations have at least five interested students to start the chartering process and be considered for approval. In addition to finding at least five interested students, you must find a faculty/staff advisor for the organization.  

Step 3: Goals and Missions  

Talk with your new friends and advisor to figure out the purpose of this organization. You need to clearly articulate the need for the organization to recruit more members, but most importantly, in this process, to convince SGA that this is needed at Limestone University. Not only will this prepare you for when you go before SGA, but it is also an excellent opportunity to ensure everyone is on the same page! 

Step 4: Complete a Petition Packet  

To be an official Student Organization, you must have official documentation! SGA requires all potential new student organizations to turn in a New Student Organization form to the Director of Community Values for review. Once the form has been received, the Director of Community Values will contact the contact person on the application with further details. 

An Application Packet includes the following documents. Please note that all documents within the packet must be completed before turning them in.  

  • Constitution  
  • By-Laws (if deemed necessary) 
  • Membership Roster  
  • Officer List 
  • Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement  
  • Proposed Calendar of Events & Budget  

If you are unsure if you need a set of By-Laws, please contact our Director of Community Values. If your organization does not wish to be a funded organization, you do not have to create a budget request. However, you will still need to submit a Calendar of Events. The calendar of events should include campus-wide events, membership meetings, open meetings, and or executive cabinet meetings. Not sure when you can even have events and meetings? No problem! Email the Director of Student Activities or stop by the office!  

Access to the Application can be found here New Student Organization form.  

Step 5: Present to SGA  

Once you submit your Application Packet, SGA will review your materials. Once done, someone on the Executive Cabinet will contact you to schedule a time to meet with SGA. During this meeting, SGA will want to hear from you directly about why you want to add this organization to our campus and the benefits it would be able to provide for the Limestone Community. After giving your elevator speech, SGA may have a few questions, and then you are done! You will be notified if your organization is approved or not. If SGA approves the organization, the Director of Community Values will send SGA’s recommendation to the Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students. The Director of Student Activities will be notified once approval is received from the Vice President of Student Success/Dean of Students.  

Step 6: Approved!  

Once the Director of Student Activities is notified of the organization, they will welcome your new organization, and you can have official meetings and host events!

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