Student Organization Chartering Process

A written petition for charter must be submitted to the Director of Community Values who will review it then pass the petition on to the SGA Senate. The SGA Senate will determine the validity of the request for a charter. The Senate shall act on the organization’s petition at the beginning of the 30 day trial period and pass its decision and recommendation in writing to the advisor, the Director of Community Values, and the Associate Provost of Student Success. The Director of Community Values will notify the Director of Student Activities.

During the 30-day waiting period, petitioning organizations will function on a trial basis with all rights and privileges accorded by the Limestone University community, provided that the organization continues to act in a reasonable manner. At the end of the trial period, the Director of Student Activities will review the petition and recommend it for chartering to the SGA Senate.

  1. Requirements for Chartering Campus Organizations

    • Submit a Charter Form and a copy of the constitution/by-laws to the SGA Vice President.

    • Have at least 5 active members.

    • Complete a 30-day waiting period.

    • Have a faculty or staff advisor.

    • Have at least 1 business meeting per month.

    • Conduct at least one campus/community activity that benefits the University campus or community.

  2. Retaining Charter Status - It is the responsibility of the President and Advisor of each organization to renew its charter with the Community Values Office within the first three weeks of the Fall Semester.

  3. Rights and Privileges - The structure of a student organization is decided solely by that organization, provided that it continues to meet the requirements established for obtaining recognition, and abides by University rules and regulations, as well as applicable State and Federal Laws.

  4. Revoking a Charter - The Limestone University Community Values Office may revoke the recognition of a chartered organization. Such revocation will be based on the organization's failure to meet the requirements placed on student organizations by rules and guidelines passed by the Student Activities Office, Community Values Office, and University policies. The University reserves the right to revoke charters and to deny other privileges to student organizations or groups.

  5. Organization Requirements

    • Officers must maintain a 2.25 GPA.

    • Chartering organizations must maintain their charter status.

    • Hazing will not be tolerated.

    • One campus community project is required per year. A written report must be submitted within 1 week of the event to the Student Activities Office.

    • A minimum of 5 active members must be maintained. If it is determined that an organization’s membership falls below five active members, the organization will be placed on probation and granted one full year to regain its membership. If the organization fails to regain its membership, the Senate may revoke the organization’s charter.

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