Student Parking

All vehicles parked in any Limestone University parking lot must display a current and valid parking permit, which may be obtained via the Vehicle Registration Link found on the Campus Safety website.

A complete guide to traffic and parking regulations may be picked up at the Campus Safety Office. These are some general suggestions for avoiding a ticket and possibly towed vehicle (all vehicles towed at owner’s expense):

  • All vehicles must be registered if they are to be driven, parked, or otherwise maintained on Limestone University property.

  • Regulations are enforced twenty-four (24) hours a day, unless otherwise stated in these regulations.

  • Faculty/Staff/Students must park in designated areas.

  • Report vehicle breakdowns immediately to Campus Safety.

  • Hangtags are to be displayed from the rearview mirror.

  • Yellow curbs and yellow lines indicate no parking except for the handicapped or as may be stated otherwise.

  • The absence of a "No Parking" sign and/or white line does not necessarily indicate an area where parking is permitted.

  • Vehicles owned or driven by students, faculty or staff should not park in spaces reserved for “visitor parking.”

  • Handicap parking passes are distributed through Campus Safety.
  • No vehicle other than maintenance will be parked on grass or sidewalks or in any fire lane.
  • Parking violation fines will begin at $20.00 and are subject to change without notice.
  • Vehicles owned or operated by students should not be parked in the following places: faculty parking, visitor parking, or in front of the Stephenson Dining Hall. Unauthorized  vehicles in these areas will  be towed immediately.


For more information, visit the Limestone Campus Safety webpages.

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