Limestone University references and complies with South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 16- 23-420 (https://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t16c023.php), which prohibits “carrying or displaying firearms in public buildings or areas adjacent thereto.” Limestone University enforces a “no weapons policy” on all of its campuses. The use, possession, or distribution on campus of firearms, ammunition or shell-casings, air guns, explosives, fireworks, knives, or other weapons or facsimile thereof by any person is strictly prohibited. Weapons concealed or otherwise, are banned. The carrying of weapons and firearms is also prohibited in Limestone University vehicles at any time and in personal vehicles immediately before, during, or immediately after work. No weapon or firearm shall be allowed on any University property.

Limestone University, on behalf of itself and its students, reserves the right to inspect any person based upon a suspicion that this policy has been or is being violated.  Unless time is of the essence, a request will be made to the Limestone University Campus Safety to carry out and support such inspection. Refusal to consent or to cooperate in the search of personal property by any person may be grounds for discipline, up to and including discharge from employment and separation from the campus.

The only exceptions to this policy are those campus safety officers who are duly authorized by Limestone University and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to carry a weapon.

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