Withdrawal from the University

In order for a student to officially withdrawal from Limestone University, while school is still in session, he or she must initially come to the Admission’s Office and file a Withdrawal from University form. Failure to complete the official withdrawal procedure will cancel the University Refund Policy and may result in forfeiture of all financial aid, thus making the student and/or parents responsible for the entire balance of any semester or term.

Students who wish to withdraw between sessions should notify the Registrar’s Office, the Vice President for Enrollment Management (Admissions), and the Dean of Student Life. Students are responsible for any balance remaining on their accounts in the Business Office.

To withdraw from the University, the same rules apply as for withdrawal from a course. Students forced by illness or other hardship to withdraw from the University after the deadline may petition for  a grade of “WP” from the Dean of Faculty.

Students who drop out of University for more than eighteen months, not including summer school, must fulfill the requirements of the catalog in effect when they re-enter.

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