Room Assignments

All resident students are assigned a space/bed in Campus housing. The privilege of occupying a private room is made by request and availability. The request should be in compliance with certain guidelines:

  • Requests are taken at the beginning of each semester at registration.
  • Payment and a signed Housing contract to reserve a private room.
  • Accounts in the Business Office must be in good standing.

Students with the most academic hours are given preference. If a situation arises where a double room has a vacancy, the student occupying the room must choose one of the following options:

  • Request a private room (Policy above)
  • Find a roommate
  • Accept a roommate or move into a room with someone else should the room be needed. If a student is occupying one space of a double room, the room must remain in move-in condition at all times (one bed, one dresser, one closet, and one desk must be unoccupied).

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